Thursday, 11 April 2013

Writer In The Family.

Good news. My sister is getting her first novel published. Am excited for her, naturally. Not jealous at all. After all, and as tell her "We are both writers now. You with your novel and me with own blog". Then have great idea - Trophy Wife will offer free publicity! Will review my sisters book with dedicated post and maybe afterwards an interview. And wont charge her a thing! She will be thrilled. Warn her though - must be honest about book. Owe that to own followers. Say if, for example, find book is boring will come right out and say so. Doubt it will be boring though as likely I am one of the characters. Have pushed sister for more details on this but she only says "You can wait and find out for yourself when it's published"
"Hang on, have you called me Becky?" I say, sensing all of a sudden I've been called Becky. "You better not have called me Becky!"
"Calm down Mia. I haven't called you Becky" Aha!
"Guess I will find out soon enough when the complimentary copy arrives at Trophy Wife HQ" I say.
"Hmmm. Speaking of Trophy Wife" says sister changing conversation "Why don't you ever mention Lara's blog on yours? You could have some kind of cool cross promotional thing going on" Lara is our older sister. She also has a blog. It's called "In flight" though don't get excited, it has nothing to do with travel. Or studly men in retro knits come to think of it.
"I just forget to" I say, although this is an outright lie. The truth is I find "In Flight" quite embarrassing. For one thing Lara treats her blog like a diary, sharing things about her personal life. Plus there's not a single tutorial on it, NOT ONE (unlike Trophy Wife which has two or three). And it's not as though Lara isn't creative. In fact she's a  recently graduated artist. Although thats another thing - her art. It's embarrassing. Or rather it's conceptual and no one can ever tell what it's supposed to be. We went to her graduation exhibition and I said "That's a fantastic rooster Lara, I'd love that in my garden" and she says "It's not a rooster Mia. It's an assemblage/installation piece utilising upcycled materials and various textile ephemera to juxtapose the fragility of human nature to actual nature within the theoretical context of absurdist existentialism ". Luckily at that moment Louie was having a little tug at the roosters leg so I say "Oh dear, I better get him out of here before the roosters leg comes off." because otherwise I wouldn't have had a single thing to say...
Still, maybe In Flight could benefit a little from some of Trophy Wife's special magic formula. Lara's readers are probably crying out for some down to earth respite, if truth be told. Some DIY for sure, and yes, maybe even a little bit of a studly man in a retro knit.
"Will think about it" tell sister "In meantime let your publicist know your sister has a blog and is prepared to wield some very valuable influence on your behalf."