Thursday, 14 February 2013

For Kylie.

Am so awfully grateful to the gracious Kylie from Paravent that am dedicating these studly men in retro knits to her and her blog Paravent - without whom I would be minus a few new followers. Not that Kylie didn't owe me mind you. If you remember my Blog Giveaway a few months ago Kylie was one of several who won a lovely bar of Coles Brand soap. That was one sound investment. 

Another thank you to Karen for generously sharing her time with Trophy Wife. Am pleased to say that Karen:the blog is now back up in operation, though operating under another name after settling out of court for an undisclosed amount. Good luck Karen. Am so glad that grubby little copyright episode is behind you.
Anyway must go for now, have sudden urge to style one metre square corner of home and share with Flikr friends.


  1. I've come over all aflush with pride to be mentioned (by name and blog, with links!) on your wonderful blog :) ... or is that the studly manhood posing before me? Thanks Mia. Kxx

    p.s. .. never did receive that soap you know... ;)

  2. Man in yellow cardie...........mmmmmmm!

  3. Hi Mia - I tried to send you a message, but as you are a no-reply blogger I had to do it here! (Must say the handsome dudes wearing knits with belts lured me in, anyway!) Really wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for the chuckles as I explored yours!

  4. Ha,copyright laws indeed, I will get my revenge!

    I have however immediatly breached said copyright to show my superior stealing,oops, I mean blogging skills. Although did refrain from showing the stretchy undie ad which had two men wrestling to show said stretchiness, will only bring that one out if I am desperate..

  5. What do I have to do to win one of those sweaters? Are there the same conditions of entry as for the competition to win the soap?